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Are the treatments for IBD needed to be taken for an entire lifetime?

In patients with mild IBD, with low risk for severe complications, and with infrequent flares and long periods of remission, there is little need for or benefit from prolonged treatment. However, watchful monitoring is recommended.

In UC, long-term treatment must be considered if certain disease characteristics predictive of poor outcomes, i.e., young age at diagnosis, extensive colitis, and frequent flares needing steroids or hospitalization are present.

In CD, young age at disease onset, ileal or ileocolonic involvement, deep ulcerations, extensive anatomical involvement, perianal or severe rectal disease and fistulizing/stenosing disease are considerations for long-term treatment.

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At present, the IBD Philippines conducts the IBD Champions’ Forum 4 to 6 times a year. This forum is a formidable and influential academic activity that updates gastroenterology colleagues on the current advancements in the diagnosis and comprehensive care of IBD patients.

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